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Envision submits bid to Medina County CPF


Envision Waste Services submits bid to run Medina County’s Recycling Center

Proposal will improve technology, increase efficiency and reduce taxpayer costs


MEDINA – September 30, 2014 -- Envision Waste Services announced today that it submitted a bid for the operation of the Medina County Processing Facility, which recycles waste from communities across the county. In its bid, Envision proposes a strategy that will upgrade the technology at the center, improve efficiency and reduce costs for Medina County taxpayers.

“After running this facility for 21 years, Envision is invigorated by the approach we are suggesting for running this center,” said Envision CEO Steve Viny. “We intend to invest our own funds to purchase technology that improves our sorting and recycling abilities and upgrades the center so that it is state-of-the-art.”

Among its proposed investments, Envision intends to purchase equipment that utilizes infrared technology to improve sorting efficiency and recycling ability. The investment is part of Envision’s commitment to the facility.

“We are proud of our record of excellence and ability to serve the residents of Medina County,” he said.

The plant has never missed a day of operation due to unscheduled downtime under Envision’s tenure, Viny said.

Envision’s bid goes to the County Commission for approval. The submission is part of a regular bidding process conducted by the county.



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