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Viny to speak at 5th Annual Waste to Energy Summit

Steve Viny, CEO of Envision Holdings, will be speaking at the 5th Annual Waste to Energy Development and Finance Summit in Chicago, Illinois. 

The summit invites strategic players from the entire spectrum of the waste-to-energy market. Speakers will evaluate the waste conversion technologies on the market and their path to commercialization and finance-ability. In Viny's case, he will be discussing the MiniMRF technology. 

Other speakers will include municipalities, commercial/industrial Waste Generators and Waste Aggregators who will discuss new business strategies and models designed to extract value from waste streams. Additional speakers will include utilities and offtakers on how they are evaluating the latest Waste-to-Energy technologies and their contracting needs. 

We hope to see the great presentations and hope you will come support Steve Viny! 

We look forward to seeing everyone in January!

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