About Envision Holdings

Envision Holdings is a registered trade name representing a group of companies of similar ownership engaged in the fields of Solid Waste Management, Real Estate, and Construction.


Envision Waste Services, LLC (EWS) provides a number of services to the waste industry including the operation of Material Recovery Facilities, Compost Facilities, bio-fuel production facilities, and solid waste hauling. EWS currently operates the Medina County Central Processing Facility, Class 1 compost facility, Class 4 compost facility, a long haul transportation fleet and supplies a miniMRF™ in Clyde, Ohio.



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owned by PRFection Engineering, provides turnkey waste sorting systems. miniMRF™ is primarily designed to process unsorted residential solid waste to remove recyclables, compostables, and a fuel fraction. The system has a high throughput in a very small physical size, hence the name miniMRF™. The miniMRF™’s system is well proven in the industry and can be delivered and fully operational in 20 weeks. http://www.minimrf.com/


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PRFection Engineering (PRF)
 provides design and construction services for Material Recovery Facilities and Solid Waste Transfer Facilities, Equipment Sales and consulting services for the solid waste industry. 


Envision Realty Group, LLC (ERG) provides real estate brokerage and construction services in the states of Ohio and Arizona. ERG’s CEO has substantial real estate ownership in a variety of properties including office buildings, commercial and industrial buildings, and land for development located in Northeast Ohio.

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