miniMRF™ Testimonials

Montgomery County Solid Waste District:

"The miniMRF system was used at the Montgomery County Solid Waste District’s waste transfer station for the purpose of extracting recyclables from the residential MSW. The miniMRF was easily able to conform to our existing footprint and seamlessly inserted into our operation. We were very satisfied with the miniMRF’s ability to extract meaningful volumes of recyclables and other commodities from the MSW."


Frontline BioEnergy:

"Frontline BioEnergy specifies the miniMRF system as an waste-to-energy and WTL advanced biofuels project."

"We have looked at dozens of solid waste separations systems across the U.S. and Europe and we've never found anything that approaches the cost competitiveness of the miniMRF system."

"The miniMRF system combined high throughput and small footprint with a high degree of separation efficiency — and does so at much lower CAPEX than competitive solid waste separation systems."

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