"Mr. Viny is well respected by me, our company, and the recycling community as one of the true industry experts on mixed waste processing. When questions arise pertaining to solid waste processing/recycling, our first thought is to speak to Steven Viny. If someone questioned me specifically about whom they should speak with concerning their MSW applications and processing requirements, I would not hesitate in my recommendation of Mr. Viny and Envision Holdings."
 --Damon Dedo, Director of Sales at Granutech Saturn Systems

"URS specifically requested Mr. Viny given his extensive solid waste processing and operating experience. Mr. Viny has served as the International President of the Solid Waste Association of America (SWANA) and is the Ohio Chapter Director. He remains very active in the solid waste industry and his name is well recognized. He is considered the leader in the operation of solid waste transfer and recyclable facilities."
--Thomas A. Kovacic, Prinicple Civil Engineer at URS

"Our company is ranked in the top 5 companies nationally in recycling volumes which is something that we are proud of. That success however, is not ours alone to carry and I commend all of the members of your team for making our jobs and goals that much easier. Through rain, sleet and snow the Medina CPF has worked with us and vice versa. The personnel have always dealt with any possible issue in a professional manner and together we have strived to make each other’s jobs easier and more efficient, always with the goals of excellent environmental compliance. We thank each of you."
--Loren J. Margolis, Ferrous Processing and Trading Co.

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