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Envision produces and markets two varieties of double shredded mulch; All Natural Mulch made from tree clippings, grass, and leaves, and Color Enhanced Mulch made from hand selected hardwood and environmentally friendly, pesticide free colorant. In the case of our Color Enhanced Mulch, the hardwood is mixed with colorant in carefully controlled batches and is agitated accurately in order to ensure complete coverage by the colorants. We use higher color solids to ensure long lasting bright colors. We always stock black, brown, red, and all natural mulches however, customized colors are available upon request (minimum quantities may apply). Mulch is available for sale by bulk pick up or delivery at our Seville, Ohio location.

Composting Services: Envision Waste Services operates the Medina County Class 4 Composting Facility. This facility accepts source separated yard waste and processes the material into compost and natural mulch. Due to our screening process the compost has a very high quality and is highly sought after by consumers. Envision uses a 3/8” screen to produce a finer quality compost than our competitors. Our compost is always fresh to avoid mold or spores. We also provide 100% pure leaf humus. Compost, mulch and leaf humus are available for sale by the bag, bulk pick up, and delivery. 

 Class 1 CompostEnvision CEO Steven M. Viny designed, built and operates the Medina County Class 1 Compost Facility. This is the only class 1 compost facility ever permitted in the State of Ohio. The facility accepts a mixture of small organic materials such as food waste, yard waste, and small fiber objects and some inorganic matter such as plastic ware, glass, and golf balls.

The mixture is then bulked with shredded wood and placed into windrows. The windrows are turned with a specially designed windrow turner and monitored for temperature and oxygen.  Once the material has completed the composting process, it is screened to create a high quality class 1 compost. This product is permitted for use in the State of Ohio as alternative daily cover (ADC), vegetative, intermediate, final and frost protection layers at landfills. Current demand exceeds our ability to supply product. The Medina class 1 Composting Facility operates in compliance with all solid waste laws.

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