Current State of the Art, Theories on Failures, and Emerging Technologies

Speaker: Steve Viny
Envision Waste Services, LLC

Steve Viny will discuss the current state of the art in mixed waste processing systems and equipment, overview theories on failures such as IREP, discuss economics, scalability, and limitations. Last, he will discuss the applicability to other existing and emerging technologies such as cement kilns, gasification, pyrolysis, composting, and others. The attendee will gain a unique understanding of the pro, cons, economics, and applicability of mixed waste processing. No single waste management practice is best in all cases hence the attendee will gain an understanding of the requirements for a successful mixed waste processing project. So called "Myths" will be uncovered and the attendee will gain helpful insight to determine if MWP is suitable for their unique and or future waste infrastructure. The speaker has over 2 decades of mixed waste processing experience and can provide a unique perspective. 

Events & Conferences: May 8-11, 2017
Exhibits: May 9-11, 2017
Ernest N. Morial Convention Center (New Orleans, LA)

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