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In 1993, Steven M. Viny, Envision CEO designed the Medina County Central Processing Facility, considered by many as the pre-eminent example of mixed waste processing in the United States. This facility receives all of the mixed/ unsorted municipal waste and source separated yard waste generated and collected in Medina County under flow control. The waste is then sorted to remove white goods, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, 1-7 plastics, wood, news paper, mixed paper, cardboard, electronics, used motor oil, organics and engineered fuel fractions.

Additionally, source separated yard waste is processed at the facility’s Class 4 compost site to produce compost and mixed organics are processed at the facility’s class 1 compost site to produce ADC. Organic waste sent to the Medina CPF is composted aerobically, thus avoiding the creation of green house gases which would have occurred if the waste had been sent to a landfill. The Medina County CPF currently is diverting 32.8% of the solid waste collected from landfill space. Since its opening in 1993 the Medina CPF has processed over 4 billion pounds of solid waste, extracting valuable recyclables and compostables which helps to improve our carbon footprint. The Medina CPF enjoys a “perfect” record for operation; operating 3 shifts per day for over 17 consecutive years without ever missing a single day of waste processing. Likewise, the quality of the recyclable commodities also enjoys a “perfect” record as not a single load of recyclables has been rejected since its inception. The CPF has received over 27,500 visitors from over 26 countries. The facility meets all current Ohio environmental regulations and meets or exceeds Ohio’s EPA compost standards.

In addition to mixed waste processing and recycling, Envision Waste Services developed and operates the only Class 1 (solid waste) composting program in Ohio’s history and is Ohio’s leader in the production of Engineered Fuel. With our unique equipment and highly knowledgeable staff we are able to successfully aid in the reduction of pollution and energy consumption.

In 1998, Envision CEO Steven M. Viny designed, built and commenced operation of the city of Flagstaff Material Recovery Facility. This facility was designed to process 80 tons per day of single stream recyclables to remove newspaper, mixed paper, cardboard, steel, aluminum, plastics 1-7, and glass. The Flagstaff MRf serves as a cornerstone of single stream recycling in Northern Arizona.

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