With winter creeping up rather quickly, it's a good time to start looking for some scrap to cash in for extra Christmas money. Here are a couple of ways to find extra items to scrap:

1. Make some cold cash - Look around for some special scrap items that may be damaged or lying around this winter

2. Busted - Plumbers are especially busy this time of year due to frozen pipes. Many times homes or businesses will get hit with such a brutal cold snap, that their water pipes or sprinkler systems are frozen solid. While sometimes the copper pipe is salvageable most of the time the pipes burst and cannot be used again. If you are a plumber, you're in luck. If you aren't, it doesn't hurt to ask local plumbers if you can work with them to split the profit from the scrap.

3. String lights - We all love this time of year when we are stringing up the holiday lights, so while you are going through your decorations, look out for some revenge. Many times holiday lights are broken or damaged while taking them down or putting them away for the year. If you have a set of holiday lights that don't work, keep them aside for your scrap pile. Many scrap yards will buy your holiday lights as a lower insulated copper wire price (around 15 to 30 cents a pound).

4. Who needs an A/C? - Before the cold, many homeowners are taking out their A/C window units and putting them away for the winter. Sometimes they can be damaged while storing them, so keep an extra eye out for some on the side of the road.

5. Plowing your way to the scrap yard - Many landscaping companies and other trade workers own their snow plows and can occasionally come across a broken one. These plows can be hundreds of pounds of steel waiting to be scrapped. Some may even be up for sale, if the price is right you can make a profit from it.

So whether you are decorating for the holidays, saving money for the new year, or paying off your credit cards with toy charges, be sure to look out for these scrap items this winter.

This blog post was originally posted at http://iscrapapp.blogspot.com/.

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