The following editorial appeared in Waste and Recycling News.

City Council has spoken when it comes to landfill development in Lee's Summit, Mo., and now so has the mayor.

Mayor Randy Rhoads vetoed a recently passed council resolution that indicated the city would not develop a new landfill once the current site closes, according to a report in the Lee's Summit Journal.

Rhoads, the newspaper reported, doesn't want to limit the city's choices without a new plan in place to handle waste. "It's a little premature at this time," he said, according to the newspaper.

The mayor indicated that council's view might end up being correct in the long run, more investigation is needed, the newspaper said.

When council passed the resolution earlier this month, the idea was to replace the landfill with a transfer station to haul the waste to another site once the current disposal facility closes, the newspaper said.

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